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[26 Apr 2007|08:59pm]
It should be Saturday so I can be really drunk.
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[24 Apr 2007|02:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

It's really nice outside. I want something to do. I'm still sitting here in my pajamas & it's almost 3 o'clock. Oy vey.
Call me on my cellular telephone. It works with satellites. (646) 702 - 0469

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[27 Mar 2007|01:09am]
I really like when Eric Foreman talks about Star Wars on That 70's Show.
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[25 Feb 2007|01:14am]
[ mood | horrible ]

My dad just told me that I'm kicked out of New Paltz. How awesome is that? I have to like take classes somewhere else if I want to go back. I'm so happy about this. I'm also very sarcastic. I'll have to look into Hudson Valley or something. Or go home & go to OCCC. I don't really know at this point. I just know I feel like a pile of shit.
I'm working at Hollywood Video now. It's easy & I get free rentals but it kind of pays dick. Oh well, better then nothing I suppose. & it gets me out of the house during the day, which is good.
My birthday was fun. Jason came & we all got drunk then went to the Duster. People bought me beers all night so that was cool. Chris got me a cake & sang to be on a mic. It was cute. It was a really good birthday.
Today is Chris's birthday. He left me sitting here tonight & just left & went out to "a bar I can't get into." Who knows what the fuck or where that is. Whatever. This shit is stupid.
It's really fucking cold in this house. I'll probably go lie down & watch the Shining by myself since I guess the person who I was supposed to watch it with is too busy.
Life really likes to smack me in the face sometimes.

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Steph is old. [22 Feb 2007|03:58pm]
It's my motherfucking birthday.
20 years of age.
How fucking exciting.

Jason should be here soon.
We shall celebrate my birth.
Fuck y'all who aren't.

Chris got me new plugs of my birthday.
I stretched to 1/2 inch.

That's all.
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[26 Jan 2007|06:03pm]
So I found out that last semester my GPA was a .72. I think I'm the smartest person alive.
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[13 Jan 2007|06:34pm]
Chimaira shows:
March 18th New Haven, CT
March 19th Sayreville, NJ

I need to go to at least one of these. It'll be my 13th time seeing this band. I kind of want to go to the Jersey show just because I love Starland Ballroom. Let me know if you would like to come with me.
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[13 Jan 2007|05:37pm]
Krypto is chewing on the hip of my jeans. It's adorable.
Things have been swell here lately. The 50 Cent game is pretty bitchin' but I didn't get to beat it before I returned it. Oh well. Now I have Path of Neo to play. It looks fun. I'll fuck people up cuz I'm Neo & all.
Sunday was Nick's birthday. Some kids came over to play poker. I wasn't drinking but then Chris got some K & I did some of that. It was fun but crazy at the same time. The whole night had this weird vibe & it effected my high. I definitely want to do it again. It made me feel like playdough. I almost burnt my Chimaira hoodie too because it felt so weird. I couldn't walk either. It was hilarious. & this really weird girl was hitting on me the entire time. So like I said, it was fun, but really weird at the same time. I'll have to do it again with just me & Chris or something.
Like a week ago Nick got this stomach virus. Then Chris got it 2 days later & I got it 2 days after him. It was horrible. I puked like seriously 20 times & I couldn't even hold down water. It sucked. I couldn't even eat the day after, but I tried because we went to Hooters & I can't resist Hooters. I could be dying & Hooters girls could give me food & I would force myself to eat it. That's just how I roll.
I need to come home sometime before everyone goes back to school. Gotta figure out a way back to the OC. Winter break is almost over & I am apparently not going back to New Paltz. That's really fucking depressing. I love that place. I hate my dad sometimes. I'll be back eventually though. For my & Chris's birthdays (since they're only 3 days apart) we're going to throw a big party in New Paltz. We figure it's a good medium for his friends & mine. Not sure about details but as they unfold I'll inform people. You'll have to come if you want to stay my friend. I don't care if you hitchhike. It'll be better then my birthday last year, promise.
I think my Macintosh is finally on its way out. It doesn't like to turn on anymore. When I actually got it to turn on, my mouse & keyboard receiver won't work. God hates me or something. I can't catch a break. I think Chris is getting me new shit next week though along with 1/2 inch plugs. More stretching is gooood.
Apparently Andols is back in Chimaira. I guess he wanted to go back. Now Kevin went to the Red Chord. I can't stand all these band changes. Just stay the way you were meant to be god damn it. At least they're still a bad. I don't have to worry about them breaking up & that is good.
Tonight me & Chris are going to the Last Call reunion show. We're going to be drunk & fuck people up & then come home & drink daiquiris. Mmmm alcohol. I haven't drank since like last Thursday. It's weird. I had a good break though. I was sick so I couldn't really drink. It'll be good to get back into the swing of things. I gotta clean some shit though then start drinking.
Okie well I think I'm done babbling. I really don't talk to anyone anymore, so people, please like e-mail me or MySpace message me. I get lonely up here & want to know what's going on with everyones' lives. My e-mail is stephmarie_jade@yahoo.com. Drop me a line & let me know what's good. Peace.

Say hi to Krypto.
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[08 Jan 2007|10:04pm]
So the house party was kind of lame. We're going to start having them like once a week & calling them "Kegs for Legs" & we're going to buy kegs & try to raise money so we can get the dog's legs fixed, since he can't walk & all. It's for a good cause.
Things are alright here. I'm fine, just really bored & lonely when Chris goes to work. I really want people to come up & see me but it's so damn far, I guess no one wants to drive that. Oh well.
I played the 50 Cent video game for a couple hours before. It's alright. I'm glad I didn't buy it though. I rented it & should be able to beat it by Thursday when I have to return it. I had to open an account at Hollywood Video just to play the damn thing. We also rented this zombie movie, Return of the Living Dead. It wasn't bad but it made me mad because it didn't stay true to how zombies really are. They were running & like talking & making conversation with the living, & that just doesn't happen. Some people will just never learn, so I've decided that I'm going to have to write a zombie movie. It'll be better then a lot of the other shittier ones.
I should be getting my girl zombie tattooed next week. She's going to be hot as fuck. I can't wait. Chris is going to get his chest finished, which should be amusing to watch.
So yea, if anyone feels like driving up here, please do. It'll be fun. We'll do swell things, or something like that.
I guess I'll go try to find something to do with myself for the next couple hours.
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[05 Jan 2007|06:55pm]
Ugggh. My tongue hurts because I burnt it on a Hot Pocket. God damn it.
Let me just tell you, that I was so amazingly drunk last night. It was fantastic. Metal Zone is my all time best friend. They were stapling money onto people. Then we came home & had a Bon Jovi sing-a-long. It was bonkers.
Tonight we're having a house party. It should be fun. I just want to drink a lot. I have to start cleaning all the shit up in this piece in a few minutes, but I like to procrastinate. I want my friends to come but no one wants to drive all the way up here. It sucks. Oh well.
Well, if someone wants to come party, drive up here. 433 5th Avenue, Watervliet, NY.
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[30 Dec 2006|05:55pm]
Merry Christmas & all that holiday jazz.
Nothing new with me. Just chillin' here in Watervliet. Someone should totally come visit me. I'm boooored. I'm still working on coming home for tomorrow's New Years happenings but I really don't see how I'm going to be able to get from here to Warwick. I got to try to talk to some people.
But yea, haven't been doing much. Just basically getting drunk & stoned. Had Christmas & Chris got me some cool shit, which was awesome. Other then that, nothing has really happened.
So if anyone feels like driving up here to get me, I'd love them lots.
Oh & (518) 275 - 6597 is Murphy's cell if anyone really would feel like speaking to me.
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[20 Dec 2005|08:34pm]
I'm done with finals. No more school. Who knows if ever. I hope I'll be back.
I'm moving upstate tomorrow. My sister & Kelly & some Warwick kids are coming to the bar tonight along with Murphy. It should be a good time. I hope it is. Then supposibly when we get up there we're going on a drug binge. Sounds like fun.
My sholder really hurts & I don't know why.
I have so much shit I have to pack. I hope this all fits in Chris's car. It should. It better.
I'm bored & hungry. I haven't eaten all day. No money on my card either. Bleeeh.
Ok I'm going back to Law & Order.

PS - I'm not really getting the brass knuckles done or would ever think about it. I just thought that it was ridiculous that someone actually thought to do that.
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[19 Dec 2005|05:54pm]
I'm going to get this done.Collapse )
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[15 Dec 2005|06:21am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

It's 6:21 am & we just had a fire drill. Wonderful. Some fucking jackass pulled the fire alarm. Fucking scumbags.
I haven't slept yet & I'm not going to get the chance to tonight. I have a final at 8:30 then I have to write all this shit & read chapters for my management test. Today is going to be the longest day ever, but once I get out of that last final, I'm sleeping forever.
I tried all night to find 10 cents so I could buy something from the vending machine. Unsuccessful.
I'm just so out of wack right now. I barely slept last night, & I'm still going. All I can think about is sleeping.
This weekend I'm going to fucking study my ass off for my final on Tuesday & pack up all my shit. Moving soon. Exciting.
I kind of talked to my dad & so far New Years seems ok. The only problem might just be for me to get from Troy to Warwick. I'll figure some shit out.
Well, I suppose I should get back to work & studying. Sounds like fun.
I really need to vomit but it's just not happening. Fuck you stomach.
Yea, I'm tired & babbling.

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[14 Dec 2005|07:07pm]
Last night I got drunk, listened to "Free Bird" & cried. It was good.
I also amazed myself in successfully dropping a cigarette on my neck & burning the shit out of myself. That takes talent.
So does this:
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Yea I'm writing my paper. [13 Dec 2005|08:28pm]
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In July I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Friday I put money in xbullet_holex's expired parking meter (14 points). In September I helped sadbuttrue122 see the light (8 points). In August I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). Last Monday I set namelesconfused's puppy on fire (-66 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-51 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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[13 Dec 2005|03:45am]
I was just filing my nails & thinking about the things I used to do back in the day. Like when me & Jasmin went to Jersey & got manicures. Or when we used to go down there just for WaWa iced tea & LiveWire slurpies. Or that time everyone met Frankie Muniz at the Garden State Plaza. & when people tricked us to believe that Sean Breslin's room had snow in it. Or when we sank my boat smoking pot in it. I have some of the greatest memories ever. Thanks to everyone for being a part of them, especially Emma, Jessica, Jasmin, Meghan, & that entire crew. We used to roll deep. No one fucks with us. Bomb Ass Pussy forever.
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[13 Dec 2005|12:11am]
School is almost over. Last day of classes were today. Now I have like 3 finals on Thursday & one next Tuesday. Then the semester is over. I'm moving to Troy on Wednesday. I should be coming back to Orange County pretty soon after that. Just gotta get settled in & stuff then come home to get the rest of my things. I need to hang out with my posse as well.
I convinced someone to give me their PSP. I'm the fucking man. I can't wait to get that thing. I want one so fucking badly. Now I can get that zombie game that has Chimaira on it.
Tomorrow I'm going to try to sell my books so I can go out for my last Tuesday night. I need to go out. I haven't missed a Tuesday night since the beginning of the semester. They better give me a lot of money for them shits.
Girl zombie.Collapse )
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[07 Dec 2005|09:55pm]
I made another MySpace. Add me again.
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[07 Dec 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So I e-mailed the guy who originally drew my zombie tattoo, Nik Holmes, & asked him if he would be willing to draw me a girl zombie. He said he would. He asked me what I wanted her to look like but I really have no idea. I'm just really excited that he's willing to draw it for me, considering my zombie is the cutest thing in the entire world. Check out his work. He's awesome.

Hi Stephanie,
how cool, my little zombie fellah has been made a permanent resident on your arm. I think thats probably the coolest thing that's ever happened to my work, and as a thankyou I'm more than happy to whip up a female version. Who knows it might work out good enough that I get another tee out of it over at Threadless. Any thoughts what a lady zombie might wear or am I to be trusted?
Thanks for the words

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